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Role of the CIO

Memoirs of a CIO in Transition

Being a CIO is tough! Business needs change, and we sometimes find ourselves in transition. It’s okay, and it is statistically inevitable. Don’t sweat it. It is a gift you won’t believe!

Role of the CIO

The CIO’s Role in Going Global, Part 2

Yesterday I talked about some of the cultural and strategic matters a company needs to get right before going global. Once those are taken care of, it can begin tackling the legal and technological issues at hand.

Role of the CIO

The CIO’s Role in Going Global, Part 1

The global marketplace is quickly becoming a more integrated environment where individuals and businesses collaborate in real time across multiple geographies. This is possible today because of new innovations in technologies and the ability to work seamlessly in virtual space. The development of cloud technologies, as well as the availability of on-demand solutions, knowledge workers, and equipment resources, makes it possible to operate as a global player in a growing marketplace.

Role of the CIO

CIO Must Act Like The CEO

The world is increasingly becoming a global village and the relevance of information technology is becoming more profound each passing day. Technology has impacted virtually every facet of human life;...

Are you an ‘Angry CIO’?

Do you find yourself frustrated by ‘the business’ not ‘getting it’? You might be an Angry CIO, and you might be making matters worse.

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