Career & Profile | CIO WaterCooler - Part 5

Career & Profile


Being a FinTech CTO in Hong Kong D-139

It is now 139 days since I arrived in Hong Kong. A huge amount has happened since my last post and I want highlight some events that have played a significant role in improving...


The dipsuchos CIO – design or systems thinking?

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein Living in a hybrid world, powered by the internet across all geographical boundaries right...


Being a FinTech CTO in Hong Kong Day 81

I was delighted to be asked to speak at Red Hat’s FinTech Executive Roundtable at the opulent Mira in Hong Kong. A big thank you to Peter Man and Andy Ho for inviting me...

Fractional IT

The New Career Option: Fractional IT Director

If you’ve got to the top in IT, the chances are that a lot of dedication and hard work got you up the slippery pole of leadership to earn you your boardroom seat. Once...


Being a FinTech CTO in Hong Kong Day 60

Difficult to believe it’s day 60 already but it’s true. Since my last post we have made significant progress in a number of areas but what I have found to be most pleasing is...

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