The key to millennials is they hate keys

The key to millennials is they hate keys

The rising community of the millennial generation or Generation Y is pivotal to the society. They are defining the technology and trends, and will continue to do so for at least five more years. It is no surprise that businesses are trying to crack the code to millennials. Here is what you need to know – the key to millennials is they hate keys.


Key in the password

says the bank account, email account, mobile phone, your office login, and the list goes on. It is safe to say that an average human brain doesn’t have the capacity to remember this many keys. The boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driven by this need of the customer and over the past few years we have seen its derivatives, such as voice recognition and facial recognition, creep into customer care. It is time to take this a step further by creating a secure method to access the connected world driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). Millennials are embracing the AI enabled technology and want Amazon Alexas of the world but no snooping in the back with the Samsung smart TVs please. Security and privacy are the top priority.

Pressing the keys is not on either

as firstly it takes a full minute to finish the pleasantries and another to locate the remotes when you enter a meeting room. Millennials were raised to be swipe-and-share workers and expect to have the technology in their pocket so there is no interference with the work that needs to be completed. If you ask them to press the keys rather than swipe and share, you are interfering with their thought process and putting a damper on their creativity. Millennials want to share at work with ease instead of looking for suitable dongles, cables and pucks to share their presentation in a foreign meeting room.

Keys to the house, to the car…the list is endless

and it is forcing you to carry around additional two pounds in your pockets and bags. Not to mention the time is takes to locate this asset, whether you are just about to leave the house, shuffling through your bags or the glove box of your car. Let’s not forget the key card technology enforced by most workplaces. Millennials are all in favour of Smart Homes and Offices that will eliminate the kerfuffle and drive the spirit of inclusion by enabling those in the society who are in need of care. Yes, an inclusive society is also top of mind for all millennials.

And finally, the main reason why millennials don’t like keys is that they sometimes still have to ask for the WiFi key to connect to your network. If this doesn’t happen within the first five minutes of the meeting, are the millennials right to consider this inaction as a ‘rude gesture’?

Even though the technology exists, most businesses are struggling to keep up with the tech-savvy millennials. Imagine the preparations we will need to be make for the higher demanding Generation Z when they gain their right to vote, work and drive.

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