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Large Firms: What role for the Group CISO?

The role of the CISO and their reporting line seems to be a continuing topic of discussion amongst cyber security professionals. Something that is increasingly a major source of concern in a world that is more and more “hyper connected” and where data is the real “fuel” the business needs to burn on its journey towards digital transformation. Often at the top is a Group CISO, but what could be their role in such context? And how to make it work?


The CISO and the Business

Keep appointing pure technologists in CISO roles and you’ll never win The Wannacry ransomware attack that affected so many large...


Reporting Line of the CISO: What Really Matters

It is astonishing to see the amount of interest still surrounding the reporting line of the CISO. The fact that it is still a topic of serious discussions amongst security professionals is teaching us a few things about the role and its perception: Is the role properly established, identified and accepted in organisations? or is it (still) seen as some form of arbitrary (and bureaucratic) imposition by regulators?

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