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Data Visualization

Why Data Visualization matter now?

Data Visualization is not new, it has been around in various forms for more than thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used symbolic paintings, drawn on walls & pottery, to tell...

Digital Strategies

Brain Change and Digital Strategies

The renowned military strategist John Boyd taught that people and institutions collect favorite philosophies, strategies, theories and ideologies over a period of time, and then try to align the future...

Machine Learning

Why you need to understand Data Science

or why everyone should try a machine learning experiment McKinsey predict in the next decade we will need between 2m and 4m ‘business translators’ to sit between data scientists and...

Machine Learning

Can IBM Take Machine Learning Mainstream?

It is clear that Watson, IBM’s cognitive engine, is becoming embedded in just about every tool and application that IBM is selling these days. In its most recent announcement, IBM...

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