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IT Service Management

The IT Service Management Survey 2017

This is the second year of this survey and its encouraging to see that the results, views and outcomes for Service Management are generally holding up. 89% of respondents see ITSM as a value add to their business – mostly in support of customer experience (35%) and service quality (48%). Supporting the management of risk (5%) and innovation (6%) are both emerging as objectives from ITSM although still in generally at a low level. The big challenge remains in how to quantify this value in business terms – there is still the direct correlation between the successful presentation of business-focussed metrics and outcomes, and the extent to which the IT organisation is perceived to be delivering value.


I.T. Must Understand Its Users’ Needs Uber Allen

While reading the closing summary section of the eBook “Five Ways to Modernize IT Service Management,” I recently came across this statement that references transportation network Uber in the context of understanding your business...

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