Internet of Things | CIO WaterCooler - Part 2

Internet of Things

Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is changing the way customers think & demand new products or services. There is so much discussed in various...


Top 5 uses of Internet of Things!!

While many organizations are creating tremendous value from the IoT, some organizations are still struggling to get started.  It has...


IoT adoption not all its cracked up to be? 5 reasons why

Despite all the LinkedIn posts and IoT trade events there is still little sign of hitting the IoT adoption “tipping point”, we are still, at best, at the Early Adopters stage. There is increasing awareness and in some cases “proof of concept” level projects within larger organisations but when you come down to the mid and lower tier (which remember is the vast majority of companies) not much is being done. All in all, IoT is not (yet) delivering substantial value either for end customers or the multitude of companies selling their IoT wares.

Digital transformation

3 things I learned about Digital Transformation… by losing to a 5-year-old at Chess

Every generation considers itself to be uniquely impacted by change and yet the ways that we interpret and react to change can be surprisingly predictable.

The ability of the Chess industry to adapt to the digital age suggests that we need to be careful about predicting a similar ‘end game’ scenario for established organizations and industries.

In reality, digital transformation can rejuvenate existing assets and capabilities as a source of growth and competitive advantage.

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