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Time to innovate!

There is time to innovate now, so now is the time to innovate! CIO at ASL Airlines, Graham Gosling shares some insight into the aviation space and provides some excellent tips for growth in a time of uncertainty.

Pounce – The Exploitation of Opportunity

“When opportunities present themselves, as they regularly do in business, it is important to quickly recognize them, have a framework for processing them, and have a team and an organizational philosophy that can pounce!”. Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict shares several tips for spotting and developing new opportunities.

Where is Technological Progress Taking Us?

“Progress with a purpose to improve the human condition is far more important than progress to maximize investor ROI.”  Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict questions the direction of progress, its suitability for 2020 and beyond.

The Innovator’s Equation for Success

So often we see businesses that perhaps seem to solve a momentary immediate problem, with not much promise of longevity. In other words, short-lived success. Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict briefly dispenses this pearl of wisdom for innovators, essentially urging the creation of businesses that offer future and long-term success, drawing on the experiences of early inventors like Thomas Edison.

Science, Truth and Reasoning in a Pandemic Age

Expert Contributor Kevin Benedict produces articles that are impactful and easy to consume on-the-go, because they’re concise yet comprehensive. This article is no different, Kevin reminds us of the incredible truths data, scientific processes, and analytics can provide. Now more than ever, it’s important to place our bets on data-driven facts opposed to superstitions or gut feelings.

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