Data Governance | CIO WaterCooler - Part 7

Data Governance

How to Successfully Implement a Data Governance Tool

Expert Contributor and Data Governance Coach, Nicola Askham walks us through how to implement a Data Governance tool in the business. From technical to people considerations, this article covers the essentials.

Data Governance Interview with Neil Storkey

Data Governance Coach Nicola Askham speaks with Neil Storkey – a Data stalwart, having worked in this field for some of the biggest global companies. In true Nicola Askham form, the conversation is focused and detailed and includes more about Data Governance challenges, career advice, resources, than you would expect.

Data Governance Interview with Prasanna V-S

I am so pleased that for this Data Governance interview, Prasanna V-S kindly agreed to share his insights and experience. Prasanna is currently a Data Governance Specialist at Fidelity Investments at Raleigh-Durham, NC, in...

Do you need Data Governance over a Data Lake?

There continues to be a lot of excitement about data lakes and the possibilities that they offer, particularly about with analytics, data visualizations, AI and machine learning. As such, I’m increasingly being asked whether...

How To Select The Right Data Governance Tool

There are many tools on the market now that can help you with your data governance initiative. In particular, there are numerous products that hold and manage your data glossary, data catalog and data...

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