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What About The Customer?

We live at a time of unprecedented customer expectations both for business customers and our end consumers, and being customer centric is critical. Here we talk about why now, why it’s so important and what steps you can take to focus more on the customer.

Customer Centric

Aren’t All Businesses Now Customer-Centric?

The impact of digital on organisations has been well documented over the years. Some would argue that the answer to the question “What is digital?” is customer-centricity, and that everything...


Brand building with digital technologies

Which famous business brands do you use daily & give you happy moments? Top names come to our mind are Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Cadburys which are occupying most part of our lives....

How Social Media helps in Digital Age

Digital transformation for business is no longer optional but is on the top of the minds of most of the CEOs.  From global companies to local Mom & Pop stores,...

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