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Cloud Computing

CIO Insight: Why I decided to embrace the Cloud

This article explains my thoughts on the rise of cloud technology. Although largely based on facts some of the information is formed purely from my own experience and therefore should be...

Cloud Computing

The New Cloud Strategy Smart Businesses are Adopting

The move to the Cloud model in business is major but inevitable. The shift from Capex to Opex means that the approach to projects must change from the traditional slow and costly biennial system replacements, to an agile ongoing iterative development plan.

Cloud Computing

Why Oracle Cloud v AWS is a distraction

All Oracle’s keynote bluster and posturing at its OpenWorld conference was focused on Amazon Web Services this year. There’s a lot of press repeating Oracle’s lines that with its new...

Boundless Computing, Unbounded IT

Workload mobility and the need to maintain SLAs will be a defining feature of Unbounded IT and it is in the sphere of Cyber and Information security where I think the business will first force IT to reevaluate some its most deeply held dogmas and static thinking.

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