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Business Transformation


EA Maturity Today: Goals for Continuous Transformation

IT planning is no longer a linear “As-Is” to “To-Be” process. Rather, innovation at an enterprise-level means balancing a multitude of digital transformations at once — all of which are interconnected and have no...

Digital Transformation: Start with Why

No matter how small or big your company is, digital transformation is an enterprise-wide endeavour. As more and more companies are digitally transforming and adopting some form of automation to take away manual or...

Building coalitions that drive a transformation culture

The selected team can make or break a transformation project. Transformation Executive and Contributor Shaun Taylor talks about the key coalitions that make transformations successful and the attitudes required to deliver a unified objective.


Starting Off On The Right Foot

“Change isn’t managed; it’s inspired” There’s an old British saying by Dr. Charles H. Spurgeon that goes, “begin as you mean to go on” and nowhere is that more meaningful than in the process...

Data Analytics

How to Get Executive Buy-In for Innovation Projects

Whether you need to implement a new business intelligence solution, or you need to find ways to implement Big Data analytics across the organization, innovation is a must. Despite the pressing need for digital transformation, there are still...

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