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What law is going to catch you with your pants down? (or why you NOW need to understand GDPR as an EU business)

If you’re not sure what the GDPR is or how it will affect your business, now’s the time to start paying attention. This is all about company’s legal liability to protect data they hold on staff, customers and in fact anyone where personal details are stored and the impact (fines £) that are going to ensure if you don’t!

So this encompasses cloud, on premise, IOT and mobile, no matter where you store data, if it meets the criteria of personally identifiable and relevant information then you need to comply. Ignorance will not be an excuse and in fact will put you in a far worse position. Better you can demonstrate your diligence of action and how you have tried to mitigate any risk as a defence. It is good practise to be able to demonstrate that you have attended training, acted on the process recommended from it and tried to do the right thing and you have a far better chance of being treated leniently and worked with rather than against it should the worst happen.


The BREXIT Challenge

On Tuesday 17 January, the Prime Minister, Teresa May, delivered the most significant address on BREXIT since taking office in September 2016. She vowed a clean break from the EU and an exit from...

Corporate IT

Lessons from Brexit for Corporate IT

Do the following phrases ring any bells? “We’ve all had enough of experts” “The bureaucratic centre is over-complicated and inefficient, we don’t get out anywhere near what we pay in” “We have to struggle...

If you liked Y2K, you’ll love Brexit!

  It was only a few days ago that I spoke to someone about Y2K and realised they were too young to remember the Millennium Bug. That’s a sobering moment, let me tell you....


Why EU data protection will still apply to post-Brexit UK

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is expected to come in to force for EU member states in early 2018. It could be some time later that year that the UK finally severs its links with the EU. So for UK citizens will the GDPR be a short-lived regulation that can largely be ignored? The answer is no and the reasons fairly obvious; they are commercial, legal and moral.

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