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An emerging architecture for the new wave of automation

Every organisation that’s serious about exploring or embracing new automation technologies within their operations needs to understand how they can complement each other and act in different contexts. We’ve talked for some months now about what we call the new wave of automation: a cluster of related technology trends that are impacting the ways that […]

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OILS, Bots, AI and Clogged Arteries

When a person has clogged arteries it restricts and reduces the flow of oxygen rich blood through their body.  Clogged...

Car transport? There’s an app for that

The impact of self-driving technology, whether it be Uber-style driverless ride sharing vehicles, automated long-haul lorry driving or drone transport, will be felt across all transport sectors. The next 20 years will see the steady uptake in driving automation. It will increase real-time communications in order to minimise travel time and cost. Legislators must grapple…


artificial intelligence

Bots for President

The responsibility of dealing with these massive levels of complexity seems almost inhuman. In fact, so inhumane, perhaps it would be better to not have a human, but a bot as President.

enterprise architecture

What does automation mean for architects?

Increasing automation – across core software delivery, IT management and business contexts – needs to be reflected in IT architecture change....

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