AI | CIO WaterCooler - Part 9



To Bot, Or Not to Bot

I developed a bot.  Last weekend I opened the website and developed a bot, which I then integrated with Twilio for messaging.  I named it BeccaBot after our daughter.  Just to be clear,...


AI in the Kingdom of Robots

Fingerspitzengefühl: Is a German word used to describe an ability to maintain attention to detail in an ever-changing operational and tactical environment by maintaining real-time situational awareness.  The term is synonymous with the English...


The End Game of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires participants to have a vision for and understanding of what they are trying to achieve and why. In fact, the lack of a clear digital strategy is the second biggest mistake...

new wave

The 3 Tsunamis of Digital Transformation – Be Prepared

Change is hard, and many of us procrastinate, make excuses or lag behind. Today, we simply can’t. Digital technologies are no longer “nice-to-have” tools of the business – today they are the business. Digital...

artificial intelligence

AWS brings on ‘bots for the masses’ with new AI services

If you like your hullabaloo to come in compute, storage, database/analytics, and devops-related flavours, then AWS’ annual re:Invent ‘educational conference’ event in Las Vegas last week didn’t disappoint. And that’s before the company revealed...

Digital Transformation and the Role of Faster

Digital transformation is too big and important to our future success to not understand the rules that apply to it.  The first three rules for winning in this age of hyper-digital transformation are: Advantages in...

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