Survey: The changing shape of corporate IT

Survey: The changing shape of corporate IT

Corporate IT

Digital technologies and business products, services, processes and models are more intertwined than ever. Whether you want to think of the impacts of cloud platforms, machine learning, robotic automation, citizen developers or DevOps (or any of a dozen other things) it’s easy to see that the opportunities, challenges and expectations for corporate IT groups are all changing fast.

But how are corporate IT groups responding across different industries and locations today? We’re working with industry research and consulting firm MWD Advisors to run a survey to find out. The survey explores trends regarding changing IT responsibilities; the impact of current technology trends on staffing and strategies; and the current readiness of IT organisations to deal with change.

MWD Advisors is going to produce an exclusive analysis report for the CIO Water Cooler community once the data is gathered, so please do chip in with your thoughts and experiences!

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