Stop Guessing With Your Recruitment

Stop Guessing With Your Recruitment

Stop Guessing With Your Recruitment

The science around recruitment and ensuring a best fit candidate first time around is becoming ever more important. With pressure on training and development budgets, employers need to know as much as they can about each candidate in order that they find the best person for the role.

What about motivation?

Employers are able to identify skills and experience from the shortlisting process and can gain an understanding of a person’s personality from an interview or profiling tool, but, until recently, the understanding of what motivates and drives an individual to perform at work has largely been left to chance.

Many businesses are now removing the chance element and completing the knowledge of a candidates ‘performance triangle’ of direction, skills and motivation by using ‘Motivational Maps’ as part of the recruitment process.

Getting it right first time

A ‘Motivational Map’ is an ISO accredited online self perception inventory that crucially focuses on motivation rather than personality. The map (which takes around 10 minutes to complete) helps managers understand motivation at a deeper level and what they can do with that knowledge to get the best out of their people, or in the case of recruitment, identify how or if the organisation can meet the motivational requirements of the individual.

Motivational Map Licensed Practitioners are trained to analyse the outcome of a map in order that they can provide feedback to managers on what to focus on in order to increase or maintain motivation in individuals and teams.

In the case of recruitment this allows managers to ask specific questions at interview solely around an individuals current key motivational drivers and how they are being met in their current job. The outcome is the completion of the ‘performance triangle’ with managers being able to provide direction, identify required skills and motivate key drivers for each and every one of their people. It also allows managers to see how a new recruits motivational drivers fit with the rest of the team.

The dream becoming reality…

 Can you picture working in an organisation where employees are engaged and feeling motivated in their roles? Where teams show up dedicated to the same work goals and don’t miss a days work because they feel valued and understand the part they play in the ‘bigger picture!

Now consider…

  • How taking the risk out of recruitment will allow training and development budgets to be spent in a wholly pro-active manner.
  • How a greater retention of well motivated people will lead to increased levels of performance.
  • What level of satisfaction, creativity and support would these people be experiencing and what would this do for the reputation of the organisation?

To find out more about:

  • A Motivational Map project for your Organisation
  • How you can become a trained, accredited licensed practitioner
  • A free trial map for yourself

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