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WB40 Podcast

WB40 (197) Kinetic Defence

This week we are joined by Defence and Security specialist Alex Woolfson to talk about the ways and means of...

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – (151) Open UK

On this week’s show we talk with OpenUK CEO Amanda Brock about Open Source technology, IP protection, and a fascinating...

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – (144) The Impact of Remote

On this week’s show, Matt is joined by technology architect Mark Wilson as Chris takes a break. We talk about...

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – (132) Digital Sociology

On this week’s show, Digital Sociologist Lisa Talia Moretti talks about her discipline, and Matt & Chris discuss why we can’t have nice things through the medium of hospital car parking.

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – (125) Remote Everything

On this week’s show we celebrate the show’s third birthday with an interview with Ed Holroyd-Pearce from

WB40 Podcast

WB40 – (124) The One Coin

On this week’s show, we speak to author and journalist Jamie Bartlett about some of the issues raised in his BBC Sounds programme The Missing Cryptoqueen.

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