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The Human Factor – Kathleen Mullin

Kathleen brings a wealth of diverse experience to her role as CISO for Healthmap Solutions. She has worked in various accounting, audit, risk, governance, and information security roles. Added to...

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The Human Factor – Ben Docherty

Ben Docherty is the organiser for BSides Newcastle, which is the fastest organised BSides ever. By pulling in favours from friends and being innovative with sponsorship he has managed to...

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The Human Factor – Sophina Kio-Lawson

Sophina is a passionate Advocate for African Women in Cyber Security, where she helps to promote and support African Women with events, meet-ups, an online community and other initiatives. Through...

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The Human Factor – Tin Foil Hats Club with Quentyn Taylor

The Tin Foil Hats Club returns for its sixth episode. In this edition Jenny chats with Quentyn Taylor, the Bushtucker CISO, as a follow up to the grab bag episode (No. 111) with Stuart Coulson and Cary Hendricks. Listen in as preparedness, the Hunted TV show and ideas for survival from movies are all discussed. 

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Daniel Cuthbert

Daniel is responsible for leading the research direction for cyber security technology platforms, tradecraft and capabilities and partnering with a variety of organisations and individuals to help make Santander as a world...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Omri Moyal

Omri is a malware researcher and threat intelligence expert with global experience in military, industrial, intelligence, communication and financial organisations. He is also an entrepreneur and public speaker. 

Listen in as we find out just how young he was when he first started to learn to program, how work ethic is important and that we should all be more considerate when thinking about sharing information as there could be wider implication to our actions. 

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