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The Human Factor – Brett Johnson

On this episode, Jenny chats with Brett Johnson, a Former USA Most Wanted Cybercriminal and known as THE Original Internet Godfather.

Brett is a Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Fraud and Identity theft expert, who uses the skills he learnt as a criminal to help law enforcement, individuals and companies protect themselves from the type of person he used to be.

Listen in, as Jenny and Brett chat about how he got started in cybercrime, his time on the run,  and eventually being caught and sent to prison. They discuss his experiences inside and how he has taken responsibility for his actions and is on a mission to educate us all about cybercrime!

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Jonathan Stock

Jonathan works for IntaPeople, specialising in the recruitment of IT personnel. In his role he helps companies find the best candidates for their needs. Listen in as Jenny and Jonathan...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – James Linton

James Linton is a Threat Researcher, but is more commonly known as the Email Prankster™ who has a long list of people who have fallen for his online approaches.

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Dr Martina Dove

Dr Martina Dove is a psychology researcher who has investigated fraud prevention, fraud vulnerability, persuasion, gullibility and scam techniques. Jenny and Martina discuss scams, frauds, the victims and perpetrators, diving...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Matthew Trump

Jenny speaks with Matthew Trump, who has a wealth of experience of information governance, in aspects such as developing risk registers, incident response plans, deploying awareness campaigns and vulnerability scans. 

Matthew’s experience comes from his time in the military, where he was deployed in Iraq, and higher education. Matthew has an ethos of continual learning, both formally and informally, having completed his MSc and PhD at Salford University. Currently he is working on a MBA, investigating the use of the term ‘human error’ when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Martin Smith MBE

Martin Smith has a degree in Behavioural Psychology and served in the Royal Air Force, before leaving and working for several organisations prior to founding The Security Company, in 1997. Martin has also been a key figure in The Security Awareness Special Interest Group, which discusses the difficult questions and topics. 

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