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Human Factor

The Human Factor – Sarah Janes

On this episode of the Human Factor Security Show, Jenny speaks to Founder of Layer8 Sarah Janes about culture, champions and why being an eternal optimist is good for productivity.  Thanks for a great...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Gina Fiore

In this episode Jenny chats to professional  gambler Gina Fiore. They discuss  Gina’s  awesome career and the similarities it has with social engineering as well  as  evasion tactics, disguises and the pressures of undercover...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Lauren Zink

On this episode Jenny chats with Lauren Zink who will be familiar to many in the security industry as an authority on security awareness and communications. They chat about Lauren’s background in education and...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Sam Humphries

In this  episode Jenny chats with Sam Humphries of Exabeam.   They talk about  Sam’s career in cyber via doubting headmasters and travel agency politics, as well as her involvement in Bsides Newcastle.     Thanks...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Tal Arad – CISO at Carlsberg

Jenny is joined by Tal Arad, the CISO at Carlsberg. They discuss Tal’s journey into the industry, his views on recruiting and the progressive and innovative attitude that Carlsberg has as a company, including...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Professor Tiziana Casciaro

In this episode, Jenny is joined by Professor Tiziana Casciaro, author, speaker and academic in the field of organisational behaviour. They discuss her latest book  “Power for all” and how this contributes to organisational...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Jack Chapman

Jack Chapman overseas the product development for Egress Defend, an inbound threat detection and prevention solution. Before joining Egress he co-founded Aquilai, the anti-phishing company that was acquired by Egress.  Listen to him chat...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Mari Galloway

Mari Galloway, author, speaker and award winning CEO of Cyberjutsu, joins Jenny to talk about her career and work. Hear her explain how she got started in the industry, marvel at her work ethic...

Human Factor

The Human Factor – Phillip Wylie

The Human Factor Security Podcast returns with this awesome interview with author, educator and podcast host Phillip Wylie. He talks to Jenny Radcliffe about careers in cyber, why collaborating is a great idea and...

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