Tech Talks | CIO WaterCooler - Part 66

Source: Tech Talks

Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Tech Talks meet Trevor Stunden, CCO at Residently

Residently uses tech to provide a seamless, digital, renting experience, Housing-As-A-Service if you will! We chat to their CCO Trevor, discussing proptech, culture and what customers expect and how that drives their business. Also...

Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Tech Talks meets Emily Foges, CEO of Luminance

Luminance AI is a business that promises to transform due diligence with artificial intelligence. Emily discusses how they’re freeing junior lawyers’ lives, lifting low-level, low-value tasks off their desks and making sure businesses tap...

Tech Talk

Tech Talks – TechTalks meets Daniel Fogg, COO at BuffaloGrid

Daniel is the COO of BuffaloGrid, the mobile power and internet service for the off-grid world. They are on a mission to connect the next billion. The platform uses solar energy, innovative technology and...

Tech Talk

Tech Talks – Tech Talks meet Ian Broom, CEO at Fliplet

Ian Broom, CEO and Founder of Fliplet is our guest on this edition of the show. Fliplet is an app development platform, with the goal of making enterprise apps easier and more cost effective...

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