What does Serviceware Financial do?

Serviceware Financial

Serviceware Financial is a leading software tool for the financial management of your IT and shared services. With a structured service catalog, a detailed cost-to-service-flow, and the capabilities to create virtually infinite budgeting scenarios, you can create as much cost transparency as you need.

Automated capabilities for documentation allow for simplified, tax-compliant reporting and regulatory compliance. Serviceware Financial is the easiest way to cut down on IT and shared service costs and prove to your business the true value of your services.

Serviceware Financial performs an excellent Technology Business Management by providing various options and functionalities for managing and optimizing IT and Shared Services finances, resources, and usages.

    Key Features:

      Transparent service costs and values

      Faster, more data-driven controlling, incl. scenario simulation

      Rapid cloud cost assessment and optimization

      Automated, compliant documentation

      Simplified planning, budgeting, and forecasting