What does Secure Managed Hybrid Cloud do?

Secure Managed Hybrid Cloud

Management of cloud infrastructure is complex, especially in the modern day. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud – there are lots of options to choose from. We’ll work with you to find the best possible cloud solution to store your data and workloads. Our cloud specialists are the experts in all things Microsoft Azure and private cloud. They have thousands of hours of combined experience assessing, designing, and implementing fit-for-purpose and “for you” hybrid cloud services.

At iomart, we focus on your business goals and outcomes, rather than the technology. Once we know what will make you unstoppable, we figure out what needs to be under the hood to get you there. This means you can simply focus on what’s important to your business, users, customers, and revenue. While we take care of everything else, we understand that the support and insight of a managed service is much more valuable than just selling you technology – anyone can do that. So we’ll give you a very clearly prescribed service. There’s no ambiguity in responsibilities and expectations – we form positive relationships, built on transparency and trust.

Our services are built on the core principle that security should be at the very heart of everything we do. That’s why we offer our managed cloud services with a unique advanced security solution that works symbiotically to always keep you safe and secure

    Key Features:

      Cost optimisation: We’ll work with you to define a cloud strategy that ensures your hybrid cloud is well optimised, cost efficient and is suited to your specific business needs. Self-service: You’ll have complete control of your cloud environment through your very own management portals. So you can create, remove, update, and delete any resources you have available to you.

      Security: Security is at the heart of everything we do. Our iomart cloud platforms are tested against rigorous regulatory requirements. And Microsoft Azure has some of the market's forefront security features. If you also need skilled security analysts to detect and respond to cyber threats (Managed Detection and Response), we have a 24/7 Security Operations Centre solution that can be wrapped around your hybrid cloud. Our hybrid cloud also comes with an integrated backup and disaster recovery solution that can protect your data either on premise or in the public cloud.

      Ready to use: Customers that have a virtual private cloud and Azure combination can get up and running quickly. Because the platforms are there and ready to go. Onboarding: We make sure your strategy and architecture are aligned to your cloud transformation requirements. Our consultancy experts will help you identify the right clouds for the right data across private on premise and Azure.

      Scaling: For customers that have a virtual private cloud and Azure combination, the platform can easily shrink and scale to your needs as and when they change.

      Designed for developers: The real benefit of hybrid cloud is gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage. You’ll be able to seize opportunities at any given moment by empowering your developers to deploy, test and iterate in minutes, not months.