Shadow IT is created by visionaries, not criminals

Shadow IT is created by visionaries, not criminals

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  1. Jim DuBois says:

    Great article. The key is for IT to embrace “all” IT, wherever it happens in your company. When Satya Nadella told me that I was accountable for all IT, whether it reported to me or not, it changed the way my team and I worked. The ability to drive digital transformation leveraging innovation across the whole company allows us to drive at a pace that wouldn’t be possible with just those that report hard line into the IT organization. The benefits are larger, it creates a more enjoyable rather than contentious environment for all to work, and allows us to work together in governing the downsides of history shadow IT related to costs and risk. All good if people have the right mindset.

    Jim DuBois
    (soon to be retired) CIO of Microsoft

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