Securing and Illuminating the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Securing and Illuminating the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The pharmaceutical industry is facing an epidemic. Counterfeit drugs make up 10% of the drug market worldwide.1 Drug thefts amount to well over US$1 billion annually.2 On top of that, the quality of drugs can be compromised by environmental factors during transport. These issues combine to pose a significant threat to patients around the world and cost manufacturers billions of dollars a year in product recalls and inventory replacement. Beyond these hard costs, there is the impact of bad press and damage to brand and reputation.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have reason to worry about the safety and efficacy of their products. The lack of transparency within their supply chain means they may not know whether drugs are authentic and undamaged until in the hands of the patient. Different logistics systems across the supply chain that do not communicate with each other means the manufacturer is unable to respond to shipment issues until it is too late.

PharmaTrack from Unisys secures and illuminates the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, providing manufacturers with end-to-end supply chain oversight. The system quickly identifies product authentication issues anywhere along the supply chain, and drives investigation and remediation. In addition, PharmaTrack provides supply chain agents with the ability to validate the pharmaceuticals they accepted and subsequently handed off to the next agent were not compromised on their watch.

Gain Active Insights through PharmaTrack

PharmaTrack is part of the Unisys ActiveInsights™ family of solutions created to enhance the transparency of business operations. Designed to work seamlessly with existing logistics management solutions, PharmaTrack combines security and compliance management into a single, unified platform, enabling enterprises to manage all facets of the supply chain across all points of contact. PharmaTrack:

· Provides analytics for quality control, fraud prevention, and cost improvements

· Integrates with supply chain partners globally

· Enables track-and-trace capabilities across the supply chain

· Controls theft and counterfeits by issuing immediate alerts when product authentication has failed

· Stores transactional data for analysis, auditing, and regulatory compliance purposes

· Provides near-real time response to temperature issues and other environmental failures affecting drug viability

· Pinpoints the sources of stolen, counterfeit, or damaged drugs

• Provides information on supply chain exceptions so manufacturers can proactively respond

· Creates analytics dashboards to assess problematic routes or carriers, and supply chain inefficiencies

Of critical importance, PharmaTrack also helps ensure compliance with present and upcoming U.S. and European regulations which require drug manufacturers to serialize their products and electronically transmit transaction information, histories, and statements.

All data tracked and transmitted by PharmaTrack is protected with Unisys Stealth®, a security solution that uses software- based cryptography and micro-segmentation to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Manage and Secure Your Supply Chain

As a respected name in both life sciences and transportation industries, Unisys has years of experience delivering value to pharmaceutical organizations. Ultimately, PharmaTrack benefits every stakeholder in the pharmaceutical supply chain by getting medications from manufacturer to patients safely.

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