Rozum Café for Forward Thinking Entrepreneurs

Rozum Café for Forward Thinking Entrepreneurs

Rozum Robotics Headquarters, April 2020 – The team of Rozum Robotics is united around a goal to make robots a positive part of day-to-day life. Inspired by this goal, the company developed the Rozum Café project, a robotic café available for anyone.

Rozum Café is eager to offer a scalable investment to budding business owners, and the timing could not be more perfect. The offering is simple: a Rozum Café is designed on a platform that features a robot barista. Like its human alternative, the barista residing here brews coffees, pours them, and serves them (without a human smile but with great robotic service, nonetheless).

The automated coffee station provides quick, intelligent service that offers customers an enjoyable experience without the necessity of full-time human interaction. Café owners will be able to run a successful coffee business while avoiding exorbitant staffing costs.

The Rozum Café model is centered around the star of the show: a PULSE robot arm that specializes in the art of coffee. The arm is capable of systematically producing a perfect cup of coffee every time, which is a major benefit of robotic baristas. Consisting of servomotors and software developed by Rozum Robotics, the robot arm uses professional coffee equipment to make great cups of 6 most popular coffees.

The systematic nature of robotics ensures consistency, a major factor in customer satisfaction. This consistency is key to producing the best tasting coffee. Consistency is combined with top of the line coffee making equipment, including the Italian-made Nuova Simonelli machines featured in each Rozum Café. The Rozum Robotics team consulted prize-winning barista Denis Obodets to develop the recipes that were ultimately programmed into the robot baristas software.

The implementation of robots in former human job roles is often slighted because of the loss of interaction. Despite the lack of personal touch or communication, the Rozum Café robot arm is an enormous draw in and of itself. While there is some trepidation around the mechanization of society, robots fascinate people. The Rozum Café is designed to allure visitors with its uniqueness and retain them with its quality.

There is no required technical knowledge associated with ownership of a Rozum Café and the robot coffee barista business model allows for diverse deployment. There is no special training or highly skilled staffing required to run a Rozum Café. Each café is deployed with a user-friendly guide that outlines typical service needs. One employee or manager can efficiently maintain up to five cafés each day.

The Rozum Café is supported by a team of experts who are innovative and dedicated. The team created the robot café with an eye toward profitability and simplicity. As Rozum Robotics created the café in-house, the business is customizable to the needs of the entrepreneur.

Options abound for those interested in the Rozum Café model. A stock model option allows café owners to set up and go without any hassle. A customizable package allows entrepreneurs flexibility for their preferred branding, marketing, and sales strategies.

A Rozum Café can be used as a marketing tool for other aspects of your business and can be used to draw clients to your brand. The construction of the café offers an easy canvas to display a company logo, mission statement, or other marketing.

The robot barista can also be run as an in-house coffee option for clients, staff, or other guests. Many companies, businesses, universities, and hospitals strive to provide high-quality service to their constituents. The logistics of a robot barista café are perfect for the confines of small spaces lacking the square footage for a full-sized coffee shop. The Rozum Café is sure to please employees on a quick break, clients visiting for a sales pitch, or families of patients waiting for their loved ones.

A Rozum Café allows entrepreneurs the flexibility to hire as they see fit. The fear of robotization leads some business owners to shy away from employing robots in jobs previously occupied by humans. The Rozum Café does not require an absence of human workers but does allow for it.

The Rozum Café needs to be serviced and cleaned once daily. This is possible by the reliability of an efficient robot arm. The robotic barista operates precisely, eliminating the mess you might see at other coffee shops.

Research shows that negative reviews focused on poor cleanliness will deter 85% of customers. While the quality of the coffee and efficiency of baristas is a deciding factor for most shoppers, it is important to remember that other issues also influence their opinions of your business.
The robotic environment of Rozum Café eliminates the possibility of a dirty shop. Rozum robot arms are programmed and designed to simply avoid making a mess. This allows your customers to enjoy getting their favorite style of great coffee without worrying about waiting for a barista to finish wiping down the counters.

For those entrepreneurs who enjoy employing a staff, Rozum Cafés can be maintained and monitored as you see fit. A Rozum Café is entirely capable of functioning independently outside of the daily refill servicing. However, café owners can hire staff to manage the café area or provide other forms of customer service.

The daily service requirements are minimal. A quick run-through includes filling beans, syrup, and milk. Cups and condiments should be refilled, and the grounds bags should be taken out and replaced. The machine has a self-cleaning mode, and other cleaning consists of basic emptying and wiping tasks. Café owners can take comfort in knowing that the robot barista can manage over 300 cups between servicing visits.

In a time where cleanliness and distant interactions are paramount, now is the time to introduce technology that is centered around those two things. A cup of coffee untouched by human hands has never held more value than today.

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