Resources for Remote Teams, Pandemic Response & Cost Management

Resources for Remote Teams, Pandemic Response & Cost Management

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that’s affecting all of us globally in some way, shape or form, Info-Tech has built 2 complimentary resource centers to support the IT community that I wanted to share with this group

Visit the Pandemic Resource Center:

or, visit the Cost Management Center:

There are several key areas IT Leaders are focusing on right now including (but not limited to) People Management, BCP, Crisis Management, Cost Containment and Network Management.

Analysts are also available for complimentary calls and they’re hosting a weekly webinar series that’s free of charge as well. Yesterday’s discussion on managing a remote workforce hit maximum capacity on WebEx!

There shouldn’t be any issues with pay walls, but if there are, my contact is tpritchard[email protected] Reach out and I’ll be happy to unlock full access.


Stay safe and healthy all! We’ll get through this extraordinary time together.

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