What to consider when choosing a SaaS or cloud provider

What to consider when choosing a SaaS or cloud provider

Report Author(s): Fran Howarth


The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) offers many benefits for organisations of any size, but is especially beneficial to smaller organisations that lack the budget and resources to manage in-house technology deployments, or for larger, highly distributed organisations with large numbers of mobile workers. Because of the benefits it offers, usage is growing fast. However, there are many considerations to bear in mind when choosing a SaaS provider.

When choosing a SaaS provider, it is essential that an organisation performs its own due diligence. It must look at the viability of the provider, what security controls it has in place for protecting the service and the data of the organisation, what pricing, licensing and billing terms are offered, the provisions of the contract and SLA offered, and the functionality provided by the service.

This paper discusses the main considerations when choosing a SaaS provider, including detailed checklists for organisations to ensure that they have all bases covered.


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