TRANSFORM Research Report

TRANSFORM Research Report

CIO WaterCooler interviewed more than fifty CIOs and IT leaders in the UK to get their views on different aspects of their roles. This part of the report series covers TRANSFORM, in their own words.

Technologies transform industries. For a VP of IT of a leading consumer electronics company, transformation means ‘tracking the industry that you are in, as well as tracking IT trends and the new IT technologies’.

Disruptions in industries change the expectations of customers and employees that IT leaders have to respond to. The challenge of transformation is initially not about technology, but about customer experience and business processes. The goal of TRANSFORM is to cut costs and improve services and revenue, generally through automation and more agile ways of working.

Technologies associated with transformation are web-based and cloud native, low or zero code applications that the end users and business side can work with without help from IT.

Hear from Avril Chester, CTO at The Royal Pharmaceutical Society as she shares her views on the TRANSFORM agenda.