The new reality for government

The new reality for government

Report Author(s): Paul Bevan,Martin Banks

For CIOs and digital leaders in the UK government a tipping point is approaching. Soon the capabilities available within its current IT resources will no longer match the needs demanded by its internal stakeholders and the wider UK public. This white paper investigates the need to reimagine the way services are delivered and how the public, comfortable with using multiple digital channels to buy services and manage relationships, wishes to interact with government.

Cognitive computing, machine learning, augmented intelligence and data science allied to big data all offer significant opportunities to deliver new services. Cloud computing provides a more agile and cost-effective way of delivering those services. The challenge, as ever, is to work out how to move from current legacy systems to this new cloud-based environment while, at the same time, reducing costs.

We look at the range of services, capabilities and experience offered by IBM that go well beyond the public cloud offerings of the hyperscale providers and assess the relative merits of build or buy decisions that could help deliver a vision of Government-as-a-Service.


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