The IT Transformational Imperative

The IT Transformational Imperative

IT Transformation ImperativeAn important part of the CIO’s role has always been to monitor technology industry developments and figure out when and how to take new ideas and solutions on board. But more recently it seems as if a whole range of trends have reached inflection points over a very short space of time – not least in areas such as cloud, DevOps and AI/ML. The widespread digital transformation that ensued was then accelerated by recent global events. In this research report, we look at how the IT organisation itself needs to change in order to keep up and get ahead.


Freeform Dynamics

Freeform Dynamics is an IT industry analyst firm. Our mission is to bring technology buyers and sellers together in an objective, productive and enjoyable manner to stimulate mutually beneficial relationships. From a buyer perspective, our research and insights help busy IT and business professionals get up to speed on the latest technology developments, understand what vendors have to offer, and ultimately make better-informed investment decisions. Through no-nonsense writing and speaking, research sponsorship, and commissioned surveys, we then help IT vendors and solution providers connect with their customers more meaningfully and effectively. But when you get right down to it, Freeform Dynamics is made up of a bunch of highly experienced technology enthusiasts who just love seeing people and businesses drive success and value from the smart use of technology.

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