Taking control of Hybrid Multicloud Environments

Taking control of Hybrid Multicloud Environments

Hybrid MulticloudBusiness leaders want to take advantage of the agility of cloud applications to transform workplace services and the customer experience. IT departments are now struggling to regain control of the tangled hybrid and multicloud infrastructures that have sprung up over the last decade. This Digital Boardroom explored how mission-critical enterprises modernise their systems, deal with legacy and technical debt and build business
resiliency into IT transformations. The wide-ranging conversation touched on increased cybersecurity concerns, the essential role of Enterprise Architects and the limits of low code.

Takeaways were:

  1. Cloud migrations require transparency and integrity
  2. Cloud means moving from CapEx to OpEx
  3. Cloud is not the best option for every business
  4. Shadow IT complicates managing hybrid multicloud
  5. Enterprise Architect needed to reconstruct value chain


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