Streaming Analytics 2016

Streaming Analytics 2016

Report Author(s): Ronnie Beggs


Streaming analytics enables businesses to respond appropriately and in real-time to context-aware insights delivered from fast data. This is important in a world where much of the data is generated 
by sensors, the web, mobile devices and networks, and where the value of this data degrades rapidly over time, even over a few seconds. The market for streaming analytics is vibrant and growing, with a rapid increase in the number of vendors, each with different business and technical strengths. Selecting the most appropriate solution can be a daunting prospect. A good place to start is Bloor’s market report built on an evaluation of 14 leading vendors: Cisco, DataTorrent, IBM, Informatica, Kx Systems, Microsoft, Oracle, ScaleOut Software, SAS, Software AG, SQLstream, Striim, TIBCO Software, Time Compression Strategies.


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