Software tool capabilities for data migration

Software tool capabilities for data migration

Report Author(s): Philip Howard

This paper was originally written to discuss the various types of tools that may or should be used to support successful data migrations and has now been extended to consider the capabilities of X88’s Pandora product and how this meets the criteria discussed.

Tools and their functionality vary between those sorts of products that we would consider to be essential in all circumstances, through those that are only necessary for certain types of projects to those that are merely nice to have. This might seem mundane: after all, Bloor Research has published numerous papers, survey and reports into data migration and the technologies involved are well known. However, previous papers have only discussed tool types in a very general sense and here we are going to be specific and delve into the various technologies, and their alternatives, in some depth. As we shall see, there are some surprises to come!

In this paper the discussion remains as it was in our original paper but we have added a section on Pandora and updated our conclusions.


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