Self-service data preparation & cataloguing

Self-service data preparation & cataloguing

Report Author(s): Philip Howard


We believe that this market will converge, both in terms of functionality (preparation, connectivity, cataloguing) and audience (business analyst and data scientist). After capabilities of the various products the major talking point is pure-play versus analytics versus data integration. The  first of these has the advantage that it doesn’t tie you to anything else, the second has the advantage that business users can stay (most of the time) in one environment, and the third has the advantage that you can easily operationalise the processes that have been developed. Thus this is not quite a best-of-breed versus platform argument because there is also the question of which type of platform?

To help to clarify matters we have colour coded the various vendors on our Bullseye Chart so that comparisons are between apples rather than between different fruit types. Not surprisingly, the best scoring products within each category, are those that have been in the market the longest.


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