Self-service data preparation and cataloguing

Self-service data preparation and cataloguing

Report Author(s): Philip Howard


In our 2015 Market Update on data preparation, we concentrated solely on data preparation per se, which we defined as the art, or science, of combining data from multiple sources and preparing it for analysis. However, it is now clear that this is not the full extent of the capabilities that are required. Before you can blend data from different sources you need to be able to find and identify the data that is available to you and which is pertinent to the process in hand. This extension to data preparation would logically be called data discovery because, literally, that is what you are doing. Unfortunately, that term has already been taken so we are, instead, referring to this as data cataloguing.

There have been significant changes in this market over the last twelve months. The most notable is that whereas we included just eight vendors in last year’s Market Update, this year we have considered more than forty products for inclusion and, in practice, have actually included half that number.


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