Seeker DLP – InBrief

Seeker DLP – InBrief

Report Author(s): Philip Howard,Daniel Howard

Seeker DLP finds sensitive data within files on Windows and Macs, across SMB-based file servers and web servers, and within Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server databases. Coming in 2020 it plans to support OneDrive and Box.

Seeker uses a built-in component of Microsoft Windows called IFilters to scan the contents of most files or, in the case of Macs it uses macOS Spotlight plug-ins. IFilters are the mechanism that Microsoft’s Windows Search uses to extract the content of items for inclusion in a full-text index. Moreover, this feature supports the ability for users to index new or proprietary file types by writing appropriate filters. This represents a significant improvement – reducing false positives – compared to parsing plain text, though Seeker does have facilities to support plain text discovery.


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