Practitioner’s Brief – Cloud Gateway

Practitioner’s Brief – Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway is a provider of a new breed of network and cloud interconnection platform, that is designed to simplify, visualise and manage network interconnections between an organisation, its people, devices, and sites with specialist industry and government private networks, supplier ecosystems, SaaS and cloud platform vendors using any network. It has been engineered to accelerate connection times, reduce the network latency of connections and to be network agnostic.  There are also capabilities to directly connect to your Security Operations Centre (SOC).

In our view this is a company with an innovative, secure, and tested approach to interconnecting between cloud services, on-premises, SaaS and more; to enable new ways of working and seamless data-driven business processes.

Our Practitioner’s Briefs provide a unique senior independent CIO buyer’s perspective on a provider’s solution or offering. They provide a link between the solution and the problem that it’s trying to address. For a Practitioner, by a Practitioner.


Christine Ashton

I have held Global CIO/CTO/SVP/ NED digital roles for 20 years . My experience is in driving business and technology transformation and disruptive agendas in large scale , customer focussed and complex data driven corporations inc: Media, Information and data services, Consumer Retail and Telecomms, Oil & Energy, Utilities, Integrated Transport, Global Chemicals Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Non-Executive Director - 5 year term at H.M. Home Office and Passport Agency. Extensive CEO,CIO, Innovation and Technology advisory board experience over 20 years. Strategy advisor to BCS