Next-gen mainframes delivering sustainability and quantum safety

Next-gen mainframes delivering sustainability and quantum safety

Modernisation has been synonymous with cloud migrations, but in the next decade mainframes could be the real innovation drivers. Sectors like financial services, government agencies, oil and gas, scientific research, global manufacturing have always relied on mainframes to process high volumes of data, business transactions and thousands of concurrent requests. Much of the cloud already runs on mainframes. The new generation of mainframes are faster, more efficient, with lower operating costs and with processors that have AI acceleration built-in, enabling things like real-time fraud detection and IoT data processing.

Five takeaways

  • Quantum computing is starting to have an impact
  • Cloud providers may not keep us safe from quantum attacks
  • Mainframes will be innovation drivers
  • There is no escape from the ESG agenda
  • Mainframes can consolidate and modernise applications



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