MODERNISE Research Report

MODERNISE Research Report

CIO WaterCooler interviewed more than fifty CIOs and IT leaders in the UK to get their views on different aspects of their roles. This part of the report series covers MODERNISE, in their own words.

Changing expectations from customers and employees, as well as market competition and government regulations, force every company to MODERNISE. Legacy systems become liabilities that ‘carry security and continuity risks’.

Even the most progressive company has to MODERNISE. ‘There is always legacy and technical debt’, one CIO says. ‘There is always the need to evolve the strategy and the tech stack’.

Legacy generally refers to on-prem data centres, but ERP and other enterprise applications can also hold organisations back. IT leaders have been moving to software as a service where more suitable options are available.

Hear from Steve Humber, CDIO at Coventry University, as he shares his views on the MODERNISE agenda.