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Identity and access management revisited

A changing world demands simplification and an urgent focus on security

Why did some organisations respond better than others to the lockdown-driven challenge of getting people working from home? According to a survey of CIO WaterCooler members, a key factor could be how far they had got towards implementing coherent and comprehensive identity and access management capabilities, or IDAM as it’s known.

Before Covid-19, better IDAM was often seen as merely ‘nice to have’, but the pandemic has stripped away that illusion. As the 73 responses to our online survey show, while some organisations dealt well with the jump in demand for secure remote access to business IT and for cloud and SaaS applications, other organisations had problems.

Their IDAM capabilities are one thing that sets these two groups apart, with the pandemic revealing a hidden truth: today, coherent IDAM is not ‘nice to have’, it is ‘need to have.’

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