IBM Blockchain as a Service

IBM Blockchain as a Service

Report Author(s): David Terrar


Our explanation of IBM’s Blockchain as a Service, cloud-based development platform and sandbox. We describe how this new distributed ledger technology, which uses Hyperledger Fabric open source software, addresses the fundamental issue underlying all trade, commerce and the exchange of assets, which is trust. Solutions built on the platform usually involve an ecosystem of partners, will reduce fraud, remove duplication, save time and cost. We highlight the platform’s low-cost entry point, IBM’s long-standing credentials in blockchain and open source, and how the platform is becoming the first choice for enterprsise grade commercial blockchain solutions. We talk through prominent customer use cases like TradeLens, the joint venture with Maersk, Everledger and the Food Trust network. The bottom line is that if you haven’t started already, you should skill up and start planning it in to your technology strategy now.


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