Ground Labs Enterprise Recon

Ground Labs Enterprise Recon

Report Author(s): Philip Howard,Daniel Howard

Enterprise Recon offers enterprise-wide discovery of personal, PII and PCI data in accordance with a wide range of compliance regulations (including GDPR and CCPA).

Enterprise Recon can discover a wide range of data, coming with over 250 predefined data types (and over 300 when including variants) that span a variety of regulations including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. You can also create your own, custom data types if need be. The data in your system can then be matched to a selection of these data types during the discovery process. The product will determine the content type of each of your files and/or records, perform appropriate decoding and transformation, then attempt to recognise and match your data. This matching is achieved through use of GLASS (‘Ground Labs Accurate Search Syntax’), Ground Labs’ bespoke pattern matching technology for data discovery.


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