Getting the organisation AI-ready with MLOps

Getting the organisation AI-ready with MLOps

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming mainstream, but poorly implemented AI can lead to poor customer experience and reputational damage. The organisation has to be AI-ready. The first steps are generally to clean up the data infrastructure and hire the required data science talent. To handle, automate and simplify the complexity of embedding AI in the organisation a new discipline is emerging called Machine Learning Operations or MLOps, an evolution of DevOps. MLOps are best practices for AI supported by a wave of new data platform solutions.

Five Takeaways:

  1. Most organisations use AI in some way
  2. What MLOps is and why we need it
  3. AI is part of data platform evalution
  4. AI is a team sport coached by the business
  5. Regulation is coming for ‘Explainable AI’


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