Getting people in the right roles with the right skills

Getting people in the right roles with the right skills

Digital skills have become essential for every organisation. With remote and hybrid working now the norm, getting the organisational view of how people are doing has only become more difficult. How can we manage the digital skills requirements within the organisation? Where do we have skills and learning gaps? What learning tools and platforms are available? Some larger organisations have created internal institutes to consolidate and structure their training and talent development efforts.

  1. Put structure on online training
  2. Tackle cultural change
  3. Align to industry best practices and frameworks
  4. Identify learning journeys
  5. Leverage exisiting knowledge


Andrew Pryor

With 25 years of experience building networks and engaging with CIOs and IT decision-makers, I've been advising companies on the best way to raise their company's solutions profile, understand the issues they are looking to solve and engage with the most senior decision-makers in Europe's biggest organizations. With a keen understanding of the changing role of the CIO and the challenges they face, I've most recently been producing conferences to bring CIOs face to face with the technologies and business strategies that can make them meet those goals.