From Insight to Action – How Decision-Making Platforms are Changing the Game

From Insight to Action – How Decision-Making Platforms are Changing the Game

Report Author(s): David Norris

The Board International Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management software solution is a unified tool, which sets it apart from the offerings of the majority of the market.

The norm is to have the two tools separate, and indeed many of the leading vendors have two tools with very different origins. This results in not only a differing look and feel within the tool, but also at an enterprise level the tools being set up and used in separate domains, with data, which although it may share a common origin, is treated by markedly different data management regimes, which generates results that are very difficult to reconcile.

By comparison for those using the Board solution there is every reason to have a single approach to data management with all of the same rules and transformations being applied, which results in results across both the operational and the financial analysis and reporting being comparable and readily understood, thereby making the goal of actionable insight very readily achieved. This is the major differentiator, which adds to the obvious appeal of the tool, which offers ease of use, speed of execution, ability to scale and embed, and making it an attractive proposition for all scales of enterprise.


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