Ensuring the future of website security – … how SSL certificates are evolving

Ensuring the future of website security – … how SSL certificates are evolving

Report Author(s): Fran Howarth

Certificates are foundational to security, providing authentication and secure information exchange. Effective management of all certificates will enable organisations to strengthen their security controls and will enable them to securely benefit from developments such as cloud and mobile computing, DevOps and the IoT, all of which can aid organisations in terms of speeding innovation, enabling more effective collaboration, improving communications and enhancing productivity.

The widespread use of short-lived certificates is on the horizon and will help further improve security, but with the quick certificate turnover required, automation will be crucial. Validity periods are already becoming shorter and even if certificates can be issued for three-month validities, managing all certificates that an organisation uses can become an administrative nightmare. If another vulnerability similar to the Heartbleed Bug is discovered, organisations will need to reissue huge volumes of certificates, which is where automation is essential.


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