Creating confidence in Big Data analytics

Creating confidence in Big Data analytics

Report Author(s): Philip Howard


It is a fallacy to believe that big data, in the sense of machine generated and unstructured data, does not require curation in a similar manner to that of structured data. In effect, these sorts of data need governance in much the same sort of ways that structured data needs data governance. The requirements are different for different types of data, even within these broad categories, depending on the subject matter and format of the data, but they certainly exist.

We believe that any confidence placed in analyses based on ungoverned data will be misplaced and will be prone to erroneous conclusions and actions that may negatively impact the business. It is, in our view, essential that proper procedures and processes are in place in order to ensure that your organisation can properly place faith in any analysis of your data along with any resulting actions that you may decide to take.


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