CPA Global IP

CPA Global IP

Report Author(s): Philip Howard


The CPA Global IP Platform provides a secure, trustworthy basis for IP management. There are four applications offered in conjunction with the platform. The first of these is File. This will connect you to a trusted set of global IP law firms and is designed to manage IP filings. It supports both national and international copyright and patents. Forecast is the second application and it tracks and predicts prosecutions, filings, fees, renewals and so forth via a graphical interface and dashboard, using data provided by CPA Global’s network of more than 1,200 attorneys worldwide. Next, there is Renew, which provides process management and budgeting for IP renewal processes. These three applications are suitable for use by both corporates and law firms.

Finally, the fourth application, called IdeaScout, is specifically targeted at those working in research and development and provides collaborative capabilities for inventors and R&D teams as well as the IP team.


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